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Frequently Asked Questions...



1. What are they?
Enzymes are products that either begin or enhance the speed of chemical reactions. Present in the cells of plants and animals, they regulate biochemical reactions in both active and in active forms. They are specific with respect to their functions and do only that which they were designed to do.

2. How do they aid in digestion?
Digestive enzymes break down the elements of food; the proteins, fats, oils, carbohydrates, glucose/sugars, and fiber, into their essential basic units for absorption. They also release plant minerals, and provide systemic help against inflammation and protein based allergies. While these enzymes are present in raw foods, they are eliminated in cooked or processed foods. This means the body is called upon to produce them and it does place a stress on the system. This also prevents a more fully digested product from getting all of its nutrition delivered to the pet.

3. Why are supplemented digestive enzymes beneficial?
Many health issues are related to lack of proper nutrition. From early in life, organs begin a decline in productivity. By enhancing the process, removing stress from the organs, and promoting more complete digestion and nutritional absorption, the body gets more of what it needs, therefore enhancing overall health. Many issues encountered thru a pets life: allergies, digestive and immune disorders, pancreatic issues, lethargy, bloating, gas, skin and coat problems, can often be traced to some deficiency in nutrition. Weight problems can be addressed by feeding less food, reducing the caloric intake, while increasing the nutritional benefits to the pet. The use of a systemic enzyme for anti-inflammation can provide relief to old joints and muscles. They just power up your pet’s food, so your source of a foundational food product is very important to your dogs health as well.

4. Why use non-animal produced enzymes over animal/pancreatic enzymes?
The non-animal enzymes are more pure, very proactive, and react faster within their specific task. Animal/pancreatic enzymes, although designed to react the same way, may cause several negative reactions. This is due to the fact they may bring with them inherently non-compatible elements from their originations to your pet. These products generally carry a warning label regarding possible side effects from their use.

The market place is rife with products to aid in issues of every kind. As with most things, you usually do get what you pay for. Unfortunately, many products do use ingredients that will help in those issues, yet they do not put an amount of truly sufficient therapeutic levels. This does not mean they wont help, but they may not help enough. Other products may use very good amounts of a couple of items, and compromise elsewhere. At NWC Naturals® Pet Products, we decided to use very element necessary for any food your pet may consume. We also made sure we put more than enough to do the task completely. In addition, the body takes minerals from itself when this process of enzyme activity takes place, so we added our L.E.A.D.S®. system of minerals so the process would be complete unto itself. We have also used the best primary source ingredients so as not to compromise our product performance. Compare Enzyme Products

6. Are supplements always successful?
The important thing to remember with any supplements, they will do something for your pet. Sometimes results are outstanding, almost miraculous. Other times you may just see an improvement that makes life better for your pet. Then there are times when it seems like nothing works. If there is a physiological or genetic problem, the results you seek may not be available without medication or professional veterinary help. However, digestive enzymes will always digest, that’s what they do. Using them will be of a benefit to a pet of any age, and in many cases help prevent or delay health issues much later in a pet’s life. You do the best you can for your pet, and we will do our best to bring you the best.


1. Is Total-Biotics® just for sick pets?
No, this is the most powerful high colony forming formula in the world supplying 1 Billion CFUs of 14 different strains of good guy bacteria matched to each cup of food consumed. Pets that are convalescing definitely will benefit greatly from this product, and it is essential that all pets have a daily supplement of pro-biotics to build their susceptible immune systems.

2. What type of research is behind the Total-Biotics® formula?
Total-Biotics® combines the latest research and clinical studies into one powerful formula. The probiotics in this formula were selected after consulting with Dr. Khem Shahani from the University of Nebraska. Dr. Shahani is recognized as one of the world’s foremost authorities on beneficial bacteria supplementation and is a pioneer in the discovery of DDS-1 Acidophilus.

3. Does Total-Biotics® have a bad taste?
Total-Biotics® basically has no flavor! Since it is all human grade ingredients, try it yourself.

4. Are there any side effects?
Total-Biotics® has no known side effects.

5. If my pet is on medication, can I safely use this formula?
It is safe to take Total-Biotics® along with medication. There are no known drug interactions and the ingredients do not alter the action of any medications. In fact, since antibiotics can actually wreak havoc on your pet’s immune system, taking probiotics along with medications can positively affect their health.

6. I already give my pet a multi-vitamin, why take this formula in addition?
Multivitamins provide general nutritional support to the body but only if you have enough good bacteria in your body to allow for absorption. Total-Biotics® uses 14 strains of probiotics to help clean your system of toxins and improve nutrient absorption.

7. I heard that you should not take immune boosters daily, Is that true?
Total-Biotics® does not work like your typical immune booster. It works by cleaning out your pet’s intestines of the toxins and other material, which has been left behind after digestion has failed. In doing this, it reestablishes the proper pH balance, allowing your pet’s body once again become healthy and fight potential disease and infection better than ever.

8. Can I give Total-Biotics® to my new puppies?
This formula is safe for most pets. For puppies less than 1 year of age use half the recommended dose.

9. I have a bitch in whelp/nursing. Can I safely use this formula?
Total-Biotics® is safe, however, you should always check with your veterinarian before beginning any supplementation if you are breeding. This formula would even be safe for a human baby.

10. My pet is allergic to yeast and gluten, can I use this formula?
Total-Biotics® contains no yeast or gluten.

11. Is it necessary to refrigerate Total-Biotics®?
Total-Biotics® requires no refrigeration to maintain label claim potency since we now have doubled the number of colony forming units (CFUs) in the formula. The product will stay fresh and viable if kept cool. Refrigeration or even freezing is not necessary but it will prolong potency.

All Pro-Biotics will benefit from proper storage to insure a long shelf life with full potency. Nothing in Total-Biotics® actually goes stale or bad with time. The potency will go down depending on how it is stored. If stored at room temperature we guarantee full potency through the date printed on the jar. Since we only use fully stabilized versions of the probiotics and we formulate with double what we claim on the label we can guarantee the potency that is listed on the label if left out at room temperature. When Total-Biotics® is stored in the refrigerator you can add 6 months to the life of the product. When you store Total-Biotics® in the freezer you can add one full year to the life of the product. Always keep the lid tightly closed. When you receive your product check the date and decide if you will be using the product up by that date. If not, then either refrigerate or freeze the product accordingly.